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IWLA 2019 Conference Keynote and Plenary Speakers

Dr. Pablo Muirhead will be the keynote speaker at IWLA 2019.  Building bridges between cultures through language education inspires Dr. Muirhead to grow daily. Raised bilingually, he was fortunate to spend his upbringing between the U.S. and Peru. Later, he went on to live in Indonesia and Germany where he gained proficiency in both the language and culture of his hosts. These experiences helped set him on his career as a language educator and inform what he does. You may recognize him from Routes to Culture (Annenberg Video Library). He also helped author an introductory Spanish textbook entitled ¡Vívelo! and several articles on culture. Before receiving his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, he taught middle and high school Spanish. He currently teaches Spanish at Milwaukee Area Technical College where he also chairs the Teacher Education Program.  Dr. Muirhead will be leading a Friday morning workshop and presenting the Friday afternoon keynote.

The plenary speaker will be Dr. Anne Cummings Hlas.  Dr. Hlas is Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where she teaches methods courses for future language teachers and Spanish language courses.  A veteran teacher, she regularly incorporates improvisation and creative thinking techniques in her classes to promote interpersonal communication and collaboration.  Her first book, Practical Creativity: Activities and Ideas for your Language Classroom, was published in 2019.  Dr. Hlas, who received her doctorate from the University of Iowa, will be our Saturday plenary speaker, and she will additionally lead a workshop focused on cultivating creativity in the language classroom on Saturday afternoon.

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