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2021 Iowa World Language Association Conference Schedule

Connecting Communities! 

Here is an overview of the ONLINE conference schedule: All times listed are CST.

Thursday, September 30th

7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. IWLA Advisory Council Virtual Meeting, followed by Executive Board/Conference Meeting

Friday, October 1st

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. - Keynote - Kerisa "Keeka" Baedke, followed by Awards & social time

Saturday, October 2nd

​​Recorded sessions available all day. Live zoom will be at the listed times below CST. Sessions will be recorded.


Zumba - Jenniffer Whyte


Welcome & Overview of the Day


Afro-Latino Perspectives

Jenniffer Whyte

**Session sponsored by Interact Travel. 

Making Connections to Content through the Visual Arts

Arianne Dowd


Top Ten Classroom Management Suggestions for New(ish) Teachers

Ellen Bernard Shrager

Using Project-Based Learning to Study Caribbean Identity

Eduardo García-Villada


Creating Active Learning Experiences with Google Jamboard

Bertha Delgadillo

Reflections, advice & mistakes on creating an OER Spanish textbook from scratch

Giovanni Zimotti


AAT Lunch meetings

AAT Lunch meetings


Games & Brain Breaks to Keep the Class Moving: Putting Language into Practice

Fadi Abughoush

**Session sponsored by Vista Higher Learning

Bringing Culture Alive in the Language Classroom

Meg Fandel Vernon


Making World-Readiness and Social Justice Standards Work For You

Dr. Pam Wesely

Spanish Conversation Table with Fulbright Language Teaching Assistants

Agustina Paniagua and Natalia Rigonatto


Let’s Talk

Beth Lillskau

**Session sponsored by Xperitas

Creating Connections through Community Building, SEL, and Play

Darcy Rogers


It's all Subject to Interpretation:  Building Interpretive Skills Using Authentic Resources

Ashley Eberhart



Closing/Wrap Up

We will do our best to keep this schedule, but please know changes may happen due to changes circumstances with our volunteer presenters. 

IWLA Recorded Sessions 

Available anytime to watch at your leisure starting Friday, October 1st


Presentation Title *More information & descriptions will be found in the program

Kerisa Keeka Baedke

A New Twist on Your Art Unit

Kerisa Keeka Baedke

Silent Movies and Wordless Picture Books

Adrienne Brandenburg 

Reading Workshop in a Heritage Classroom

Paulino Brener

Poesías y canciones para los más pequeños

Roger Burt

The Power of Data-Driven Teaching

Joshua Cabral

But, I Still Have to Give a Grade

Rebekah Ann Casciato Hamblin

Brake and give your brain a BREAK!

Rebekah Ann Casciato Hamblin

Breathe life into your class with music!

Virginie Donzo & Katharina McCawley

Maximizing Your Students’ Language Learning and Cultural Competency while Abroad

Arianne Dowd & Kristine Keefe-Hassan

Why Creating Content-Based Units with Multiple AP Themes Will Lead to Proficiency and Intercultural Competence

Meg Fandel Vernon

Building Global Competence through Empathy and Valuing Multiple Perspective

Carolina Gómez-Kramer

Going the Extra Mile to Make Your Lessons Meaningful

Jade Green

Social Justice in the World Language Classroom

Emily Huff

Prepping for the AAPPL Test: Path to the Seal of Biliteracy

Theresa Jensen

Zoom Your Stories to Life (Virtual Storytelling)

Craig Klein

Profe, I want to be in your class.

Lisa McHargue

Verb Charts Aren't Evil: Blending Grammar and Acquisition Driven Strategies

Sarah Miller Boelts

Teaching Latin American Culture and History through Literature

Diane Neubauer & Reed Riggs

Interacting with beginning learners: Inviting contributions and extending topics

Ginny Ogden

Engaging Students in the Virtual Classroom

Gabriela Olivares-Cuhat & Cody Boozell

Empowering Spanish learners: Supporting students with learning difficulties by maximizing memory resources

A.C. Quintero

Navigating the World of Language Through Novels

Leah Rekow

Literacy for Heritage speakers

Carolyn Swaney & Andrea Ford

The way to your students' acquisition is through their stomach

Pam Wesely & Karen Barkauskas-Goering

Seal of Biliteracy How-Tos

Meredith White

Connecting with Communities: GoFurther with GoFormative!

Allison Wienhold

Mix it Up with MUSIC

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