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Any in-service world language teacher may earn one licensure renewal unit for attending the IWLA Conference. This is offered through the Linda Baker Teacher Leader Center at the University of Iowa College of Education.

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2021

Fee: $60, paid to the University of Iowa's Linda Baker Teacher Leader Center. 

Course Requirements:

  • Participants must attend the Iowa World Language Association conference for at least 15 hours total, including 10 hours of real-time online programming and 5 hours of recorded videos.

  • Consult the syllabus for more details. It is available at the registration link below.

Capstone Project: After the conference, participants will need to complete an online survey in order to report about their experiences at the conference. This survey will be due one week after the conference concludes.

To register: Go to the Baker Teacher Leader Center website.

Getting your certificate:  Upon successful completion of the licensure renewal course, the Teacher Leader Center will send you an email with instructions explaining how to access your completion certificate within their database.

Questions:  Contact Pam Wesely at

Please note this year graduate credit will not be available. This License Renewal Credit is your chance for a Iowa BOEE approved credit. 

Updated 8.27.21

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