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edTPA Assessors Needed - Grades PK - 12

25 Aug 2017 9:20 AM | Gauri Vashist

Pearson is currently seeking experienced PK-12 educators and teacher educators to evaluate edTPA for the 2018 Spring Administration. Developed for educators by educators, edTPA is the first nationally available performance-based assessment for beginning teachers. It is designed to support teacher candidate learning and provide actionable evidence that supports preparation program renewal. Aligned with college and career readiness standards, InTASC Standards and commonly used teacher evaluation frameworks, edTPA assesses teaching that promotes student learning in diverse contexts.

We are seeking experienced PK-12 educators and teacher educators in the following subject areas:

  • ·         Agricultural Education (6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Business and Marketing (6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Classical Languages - Greek & Latin (4-5,6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Elementary Education - Literacy and Mathematics (K-5,6-8)
  • ·         Elementary Literacy (K-5,6-8), Bilingual Spanish
  • ·         Elementary Mathematics (K-5,6-8)
  • ·         Family and Consumer Sciences (6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Health Education (K-6,7-12)
  • ·         Performing Arts (K-6,7-12)
  • ·         Physical Education (K-6,7-12)
  • ·         Secondary History/Social Studies (6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Secondary Mathematics (6-8,9-12)
  • ·         Technology and Engineering Education (K-6,7-12)
  • ·         Visual Art (K-6,7-12)
  • ·         World Languages (K-12)

The subject-specific nature of the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) requires that all trainers and scorers possess both strong pedagogical content-specific knowledge and experience in roles that support teaching and learning in the edTPA field in which they are scoring. In addition, scorers should have experience and knowledge related to the grade spans of the portfolios they score. For example, a scorer familiar with the mathematics learning of young children would be well suited to scoring portfolios developed in an elementary school context, but may not be knowledgeable enough about secondary mathematics to score portfolios developed by high school teachers. 

Below are the qualifications for becoming an edTPA Scorer. Please review these and fill out the application at if interested. This opportunity offers flexible timings and is a remote position. If you have previously applied for, or have scored edTPA, we would be appreciative if you could pass this information along to any colleagues who may be interested.

Current or Retired PK-12 Educators and Administrators

A) Hold a current teaching license from a State Education Agency in the edTPA field they will apply to score AND Have worked (e.g., taught, mentored) in a classroom setting, within the past five years in the edTPA field in which they are currently certified/licensed and applying to score

With one of the following:

-Hosting/Mentoring teacher candidates


-Supervising/Mentoring beginning teachers


B) Hold a current National Board certification in the edTPA field they will apply to score AND have worked (e.g., taught, mentored, supervised) with teacher candidates or beginning teachers within the past five years in the edTPA content area.

Please fill out the application by October 15th, 2017 for consideration. If you have applied to Pearson before, and do not remember your password then please click on “Forgot Credentials” and use your email address to acquire a new password.

Please email us at with any inquires.


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