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Allison Wienhold

I have a passion for helping other world language teachers. My love of languages started in my junior high Spanish class in Freeport, Illinois, and continued though studying abroad in Oviedo, Spain, and getting a degree in Spanish Teaching from the University of Northern Iowa. This is my sixth year teaching, and I currently serve as the department of one Spanish teacher for grades 7-12 at Dunkerton Community Schools. In the classroom I utilize comprehensible input through novel and cultural story units. I also have a passion for connecting with students while staying in the target language. My husband, two little boys and I are proud to call Cedar Falls home. 

In addition to sharing my love of languages with my students, I love connecting with teachers in Iowa, and around the world. Through my blog, Mis Clases Locas, Twitter and other social media, I have been able to virtually share and collaborate with many educators. Through mentoring local teachers, and presenting at conferences such as IWLA, CI: Comprehensible Iowa, and Central States, I have grown a professional learning community, that helps me learn and grow every day as an educator. I am especially interested in helping to connect isolated Iowa language teachers, so they have the support and resources of other IWLA educators. Through my role of IWLA grant committee chair and member of the IWLA social media team, I have seen what a tremendous job our current and past presidents have done to bring our reach worldwide, while advocating for language teaching. I hope to continue these efforts growing our membership, connecting IWLA teachers year-round, and supporting Iowa world language teachers in any way that I can. 

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