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Language Association

Plan of Action:

Make some calls, send some emails (outside of school)

  1. Contact the Iowa World Language Association's Advocacy Chair.
  2. Call a meeting in your home of all world language teachers in your district to create a plan of action tailored to your program.
  3. Contact local universities/colleges that send practicum students and student teachers to your program.  Request they send letters to the school board and superintendent stating the importance your program holds in the training of pre-service teachers.
  4. Contact previous student teachers that have gone on to teach foreign language and request they write letters.
  5. Contact parents that are supportive of the program.  Request they send letters and emails to the board, superintendent, state legislators, state senators, and editors of the local and state newspapers.  See if they would be interested in speaking to the board.
  6. Contact previous students who have gone on to use foreign language in their careers. Request they send letters or speak to the board.

Go to the students

  • Have students journal using the following prompts:

* I like (insert language) because…
* Learning (insert language) is important because…

  • Choose the most well written responses and send copies to the school board and superintendent. 
  • Take a group of students to a board meeting and have them explain (or read their journal entries) why studying a foreign language is important.

Don’t go down without a fight

  • Schedule a meeting with your principal to state your case.
  • See if you can present at a school board meeting.
  • Pull together articles on the importance of learning a foreign language and share with the school board and superintendency.

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