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What is Advocacy?

    Language advocacy is a comprehensive effort to serve as a state voice for language-related issues and raise public awareness of the benefits of learning languages in order to influence the direction of present and future education.
    When it comes to applying this definition to real, grassroots advocacy activities, think of it as the promotion of the academic, intellectual, career, societal and personal benefits of language learning and cultural awareness at all levels.  It must deliver compelling messages to the student, parent, school administration and teachers, corporate, government and community decision-makers who will benefit from strong language programs.    

Rules of Advocacy:

  • You are never allowed to use district resources to advocate for your program. This includes email, newsletters, and the phone.
  • You are not allowed to advocate during school hours so it must be done from your home.
  • During the crisis stay professional when you are at work. Try not to lose your cool at school no matter how frustrated and mad you are at the situation. Save the tears and the angry words for when you are at home.

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