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See Also FLES in this section

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What’s going on nationally at the JNCL-NCLIS.

Find out the names of your representatives.

Find out the names of your senators.

Central States’ Advocacy materials:

Some resources available from this site include:

  1. 17 values of language study
  2. Rationale for foreign language study
  3. Why learn another language brochure.
  4. Language crisis in the war on terror
  5. Languages and the Brain
  6. Foreign language education in the 21st century

Surveys to be given to students at various levels.

Why learn another language article?

Minnesota New Visions: Languages for Life

Among other resources, you will find:

  1. Tips for advocating: preparation, making the presentation, resources for putting together a presentation
  2. World languages promotion toolkit
  3. A collection of ideas for language promotion
  4. “Uncle Sam” poster
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