Iowa World
Language Association

2010 Award Recipients

Outstanding Educator of the Year (Secondary Level):


Jim Gerrans, Ottumwa High School

Jim Gerrans was awarded the Outstanding Educator of the Year at the Secondary Level by the Iowa World Language Association at its annual conference October 8th. This award was made in recognition of Mr. Gerrans’ distinguished contributions to the world language teaching profession during the course of his career. Among his achievements as a Spanish teacher Mr. Gerrans was recognized for his history of excellence in teaching, his years of contributions to the Iowa World Language Association as  president and board member, presenter, and steadfast member and attendee of the annual conference, and for the far-reaching impact he has had on the many student teachers he has supervised over the years. As one former student teacher stated, “The impact he has had on world language in the state of Iowa and the many other places his student teachers have gone on to teach is immeasurable.... To have a teacher of his caliber in front of the classroom has to be the greatest experience I can think of for a student. He is the best of the best.”


Distinguished Service Award:

Dr. Marcia Harmon Rosenbusch, National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center

The Iowa World Language Association wishes to congratulate this year’s Iowa World Language Association’s Distinguished Service Award recipient, Dr. Marcia Harmon Rosenbusch. Dr. Rosenbusch was awarded this honor in recognition for her years of service to her profession in Iowa during the IWLA’s annual conference on Friday, October 8th. Among her accomplishments Dr. Rosenbusch was recognized for the following contributions to her profession in Iowa:

  • At Iowa State University, Dr. Rosenbusch established and directs the elementary world language teacher preparation program through a joint appointment in the Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and World Languages and Cultures. She has established sites in Cáceres, Spain, and San Luis Potosí, Mexico, where ISU pre-service teachers student teach in Spanish in the early grades to prepare for teaching in dual language and immersion programs.

  • She is a founding member of the National Network for Early Language Learning and was the founding editor of the Iowa FLES Newsletter. She is the founding director of the National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center at Iowa State, the first federally funded center to focus on building a strong foundation in foreign language education in elementary and secondary schools as a means of improving the nation's capacity for teaching and learning languages at all levels, K-16.

  • Throughout her career, Dr. Rosenbusch has been successful in securing grant funding from organizations such as the Iowa Humanities board, the Iowa Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Education, among others. To date, she has brought into Iowa State University over $6,700,000 in grant funding for World Language Education projects.
  • Dr. Rosenbusch has been involved with IWLA (and IFLA) for 30 years, including serving as our keynote speakerat last year’s conference. She was previously honored in 1986-87 with the Iowa Educator of the Year Award. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages honored Dr. Rosenbusch in 1996 with the Florence Steiner Award for Leadership in Foreign Language Education. Additionally, in 2001 the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages honored Dr. Rosenbusch with the Anthony Papalia Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.

Best of Iowa Presentation:

Lisa Sobotka, Valley Southwoods Freshman High School

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